August 8th, 2022

Sattler urges Ford to pass paid sick days bill

QUEEN’S PARK – NDP MPP Peggy Sattler (London West) is calling on Doug Ford to provide permanent paid sick days as she reintroduces the Stay Home If You Are Sick Act.

"It's shameful that Doug Ford, who has unlimited sick days and has never been forced to choose between putting food on the table or staying home sick, has only offered Ontario workers three sick days to last them for three years," said Sattler. "With so many workers getting sick and so many industries short staffed, including our deeply strained health care system, Ford's policy is not only cruel to workers and their families, but also shortsighted as Ontario tries to bounce back."

Sattler will reintroduce the bill Wednesday, on the heels of the Ontario Federation of Labour's Monday rally for fairness for Ontario's workers. The bill provides workers ten permanent paid sick days, plus an additional 14 days in the case of an infectious disease emergency. This will be the third time Sattler introduces the bill.

“Working people deserve fairness and decency in the workplace, that includes the ability to take time off when they are sick," said Sattler. "Workers and advocates are tired of constantly fighting the Ford government for the basics. They are tired of Ford pretending to be on the side of workers when he is not. It's time for Ford to show workers and their families the respect they deserve by finally providing the paid sick days they need."


Ian Kelly, General Manager, PeaceWorks Technology Solutions
"PeaceWorks Technology Solutions has always offered Paid Sick Days for all illnesses. When COVID became more of a concern, our staff were already able to take the time they needed. This is important. When our staff are well-supported, they come to work healthy and ready to provide great service to our clients. Businesses need permanent Paid Sick Days to keep staff healthy so that we're as productive as possible and they're happy to work for us."

Aaron Binder, Chief Experience Officer, Go Tours Canada
“Our Tourism business has been hit hard since the beginning of the pandemic, which is why we support Paid Sick Days. PSD Programs have kept our doors open - and our employees protected physically and financially during peak waves of COVID. Like many businesses across multiple sectors, we support a permanent Paid Sick Day policy in Ontario for a stronger economic future.”